Legal Chains of Blockchain | 1Legal.Net event about cryptocurrencies

You’ve heard about them.

You’ve read about them.

You’ve invested in them.

It’s Bitcoin.

About the event

This event will have no value for you if:

  • You are not interested in the changes in the world of finance and payments
  • If your company is afraid of new technologies
  • If you don’t know what blockchain is
  • If you believe that paper is the best invention of humankind so far, or
  • If you are convinced that the only thing worth investing in is property

If the above doesn’t apply to you and you are interested in the following:

  • What are the legal issues regarding transactions with crypto currencies?
  • What are the tax obligations for citizens and business owners?
  • Is fiat money coming to an end?
  • What are the challenges for projects financed by ICO?
  • What are the ten things you should ask your lawyer before initiating your crypto project?

Then this event is just for you!

As lawyers and citizens who live in a world powered by data and dominated by technologies, we from 1Legal.Net would like to help lift the curtain in order to observe and discuss the newest tendencies in the world of finance.

With great interest we observe the legal aspects and cases, related to the revolution, set in motion by the widespread use of virtual currency.

Even though the world is still preparing for this new era, digital assets as a part of everyday life are already a fact.


Evgeniya Gancheva
Attorney at Law |Founder 1Legal.Net | Cyber Law explorer | Crypto enthusiast | Speaker in forums on e-business

Valentina Lukova
Senior Manager | Tax Department, Deloit Bulgaria | Expert international taxation

Yordan Genov
Manager | Tax Department, Deloit Bulgaria | Expert tax consulting indirect taxes

Vassil Kostov
Legal Consultant 1Legal Net| Technology Law | Intellectual Property Protection

Monika Petrova
Head of Tax and Insurance Practice in NRA | Appeal and Tax-insurance Practice Division

Rossitsa Blagoeva
VAT Methodology Expert in NRA| Tax-insurance Methodology Division

Martin Kuvandjiev
Software engineer | Core developer in Bitcoin Gold | Awards - John Atanasoff, BAIT and NASA

Vladimir Tassev
Blockchain developer | Team member of ICO Startup project Open Source University | In-depth knowledge in the financial sector

Date and place

Legal Chains of Blockchain will take place on: 10 January 2018, Beginning at 19:00 Soho | 4 Iskar Str. Sofia


The event is public but requires additional registration and payment.
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