Digital Health & Medical Innovation ForumDigital Health & Medical Innovation Forum took place in Sofia on 16 March with the support of the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria, organized by b2bmedia.
In the digital millennium where the word "innovation" pronounced as mantra and became a symbol of success in every sphere of entrepreneurship, people's expectations for better health and longer life are presently associated with the advancement of technology.

The Forum brought together experts, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers, professionals in the health sector for discussion on the digital perspectives for the medical services and consumer access to innovative technology solutions related to health.
The focus of the audience was the new European framework and strategies for the development of e-health and promote innovation in the health sector.

The topics and presentations in the Forum were dedicated to innovation in health services. It was emphasized the increasing role of the technologies that are now ready to manage remote not only our homes but also to collect data on our health status, communicate with our personal doctor and even cure us only through the mobile applications on our smartphones.
That future is happening today - in the research labs of corporations or in the garages of startups with innovative ideas.

It pays to know and talk more about it.

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