15th March: World Consumer Rights Day8 or ∞

Fifty-four years ago (15.03.1963г.) on this day consumers rights was mentioned for the first time in the famous speech of John F. Kennedy in which he extolled four basic consumer rights, later called the Consumer Bill of Rights.
The “four basic consumer rights” are:

1. The right to safety
2. The right to information
3. The right to choose and
4. The he right to be heard

Four more were added thereafter:

5. The right to satisfaction of basic needs
6. The right to redress
7. The right to consumer education
8. The right to a healthy environment

The eight rights are enshrined in the rules for customers’ protection, adopted by the United Nations. A few years later, on the 9th of April 1985, the United Nations General Assembly accepted the idea that this day becomes the World Consumer Rights Day. In Bulgaria this day is recognized since 1991.

Over the years with the development of economic, globalization, opening of borders and the free movement of goods and services and the development of technologies the importance of consumers’ protection is growing.
Nowadays the World Consumer Rights Day has a particular importance and with the Internet increasingly entering our lives this reveals more opportunities of extending our rights to information and choice.
Mark Zuckerberg said on Monday that every 7th person on the planet has been connected with their friends and families. Such a thing is happening for the first time in the history of the socials networks.
At the age of global connectivity a question arises:

Are our consumers’ rights fully protected?
Find out more about this in our next publication.

Roza Ivanova
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