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Innovative Legal & Business Services

Ideas have always been the most valuable source of capital.
We can help you to protect and capitalize on a good business ideas.

Our story

Once upon a time...
No, this is not our story.

We do not continue the centuries-old history of a consultancy company, nor we are global hypermarket for legal services.
Our story is different.

1Legal.Net is an independent brand equity consultancy that blends expertise in the Law, Accounting, Tokenomics and Marketing.
We are innovative, because the heart of innovation is a giving customers better services for better price.
We know about the technologies, used by the new successful online business models, including professional jargon of people in modern business.
Economic results for your business or project are always critical to us in analysing every case, business venture or strategy.
The challenges fuel our inspiration.
Your success is Our Goal.

Who We Are?

Meet the creative, innovative and inspired individuals, determined to go the extra mile for excellence.

	Jenny Gancheva
	Internet Law Attorney
	Legal & Business Consultant
	European Trademark and Design Attorney

    Jenny Gancheva
    european trademark and design attorney

    Areas:Internet Law
    Intelletual Property

    Legal issues and disputes in the digital business | Blockchain lawyer & tokenomics legal expert | Copyright and IP protection | Unfair competition and commercial practices | Consulting startups and entrepreneurs on creating successful online business models | Author of articles in law magazines and media | Lecturer in techno forums and seminars on e-commerce

	Pavla Tsvetkovalegal consultant

    Pavla Tsvetkova
    legal consultant

    Areas:Data Privacy
    Intellectual Property
    Human Rights

    Data Privacy on the Internet | Intellectual Property | Blockchain | Human Rights | Media and social networks | NATO Youth Ambassador at the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria | National Legal Researcher on Human Rights and Technology at ELSA ILRG | Author of articles and analysis in 1Legal.Net Blog

	Sabina Popova
	Legal & IP Consultant
	News Editor | Contributor in 1Legal.Net.Blog

    Sabina Popova
    legal consultant

    Areas:European Law

    eCommerce | Commercial law | Unfair commercial practices | Privacy and protection of personal data on the Internet | Intellectual property protection | Author of articles and analysis in 1Legal.Net Blog | Representative at the Bulgarian-Chinese Business Development Association in Shenzhen, China

	Hristo Chakarov
	Accounting & Tax Consultant

    Hristo Chakarov
    financial consultant

    Areas:Accounting and taxes
    Business lending
    Online sales

    Organization of accounting processes | eCommerce tax and accounting Issues | Microfinancing | Business lending | Risk management | Financial Controlling

	Hristo Piyankov
	Blockchain analyst
	Tokenomics expert

    Hristo Piyankov
    tokenomics expert

    Areas:Business Analysis
    Algorithmic Trading
    Blockchain Projects

    Blockchain Analyst | Solidity, Python, BI | Data Science & Machine Learning | AI & Big Data | Experience as a CRM Analyst Director at one of the largest consumer finance companies in China | Economic analysis of tokens and data problems

	Alexandra-Emily Kokova
	Master of PR & Communications at Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski”
	Digital Marketing Strategist, Real Money Gaming

    Alexandra-Emily Kokova
    marketing expert

    Areas:Digital Marketing
    Brand Management
    Crisis Communications

    Creating a comprehensive communication strategy | Building a buyer persona profile | Marketing funnel optimization | Digital marketing for online sports and gaming | Conversion and retention marketing | Creating original content | IT and casino projects