New stage in the litigation for the brand Hobbit and LOTR in gambling industryIn response to a filed in November in Los Angeles $80 million lawsuit by the Tolkien Estate and Harpers Collins against Warner Brothers Digital Distribution, New Line Productions, Saul Zaentz Company, claiming for copyright infringement, breach of contract and other in connection with a transaction for gambling and slot machines with names of characters from The Hobbit and LOTR, Warner Brothers Digital Distribution have filed a counterclaim for damages for breach of contract.
The plaintiffs stated that such a deal with the gambling industry for using the names of the characters of Tolkien as brand of slot machines would disappoint millions of fans of the original works. In connection with the submitted counterclaim by the defendants, the defense of Tolkien estate believes that the claim is unfounded and essentially is a "classic example of studio “bullying tactics.” The statement also pointed out that this step aims to intimidate representatives Tolkien estate and punish them for the courage to oppose the studios not to exceed the limits of the rights granted to them under the contract.
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