New changes in  Food ActThe Bulgarian legislator voted on a new registration regime for food transportation, as well as additional restrictions on advertising and regulation of online trade. These are just some of the amendments that were approved at first reading in Parliament, which introduced substantial amendments to the current Food Act.

One of the major changes envisaged by the law is the extension of the circle of goods for which the pre-registration of vehicles will be required to be transported.

A section stipulating the conditions for the marketing of foods and products from a distance is also foreseen. This change affects both online marketers and those who have physical sites but also online marketing as an additional service. According to the texts, "distance selling" can be carried out by companies that have a registered physical site(store, warehouse, etc.) or "distance service telecom's service providers", such as different online platforms for ordering goods and products from restaurants, shops. All businesses that sell online food will need to register with the Food Agency before they start their business.

One of the key changes to the law is related to the marketing and advertising of products. All foods are required to have labels in Bulgarian. Requirements and restrictions on advertising, related to child participation are foreseen.

It is yet to be decided whether the changes envisaged and voted by Parliament are justified and necessary, or this is another rash and premature legislative decision.

Roza Ivanova

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