Facebook facilitate IP infringement notices and takedowns with monitoring toolIn the last Transparency Report, Facebook Inc. announces 3 millions takedowns of posts in reply to notices of copyrights and trademarks infringement, including counterfeits, audio, video and other content.

The brand new step of the platform policy is a monitoring tool for intellectual property infringements that alerts for uploaded content, protected with copyrights and trademarks. Thus rightholders would be facilitated in sending copyrights and trademarks takedown notices, resulting in removal of infringing content.

Pursuant to the report for the first half of 2017, the company removed 81% of reported counterfeit goods, 68% for copyrights and 47% for trademarks.

The new initiative is the next step of Facebook towards protecting interests of the business and meets expectations of world brands and record labels for reducing losses of illegal content use on the Internet.

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