LibertyBits ConferenceOn 24 April 2018 at Sofia Tech Park’s team took part in “LibertyBits” – the first Balkan conference, dedicated to Blockchain, free software & digital privacy. Att. Evgeniya Gancheva and her young colleague Vassil Kostov did an exciting presentation on “Blockchain – Legal (R)evolution?”, acquainting the audience with the hot topic on the compatibility of Law and Blokchain technology. Is it meant for these two areas, so different at first glance, to coexist in symbiosis? gave a solid and promising “Yes”! Blockchain will not only develop new opportunities in the legal sector, but it will also generate a whole revolution in the providing in legal services – so that they meet the standards of the digital age we live in. When and how exactly this will happen in not entirely sure, but we believe that change is inevitable.

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Tags: Blockchain