7 European countries agree on DLT regulationThe Maltese government declared the conclusion of a mutual agreement for cooperation in the area of DLT between 6 European countries: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

Transforming technology
The six countries issued a joint statement pointing out that the digital sector is ideal of future political cooperation. They also claim that DLT and other emerging technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence, would be able to transform the national economies.
The “Digital economy & society” index states that the countries in South Europe have a grate growth potential in the sector making the region a leader in the industry.

A fundamental and necessary change
DLT technology has a great potential for democratization of the European economic model. The technology built around trust can transform services in the fields of education, shipping, land registration and healthcare.
This would further develop the transparency and accountability, as well as help lessen the administrative burden.

Action plan
The negotiating countries believe that it is a government’s obligation to endorse the immerging technologies. This can happen through educational programs on all levels in order to guarantee that citizens become aware of the potential of such technologies.
The countries plan on holding regular technical meetings, sharing the best practices in the sector and exploring the possibilities for international DLT projects. They are committed to regularly monitor the progress made and appeal the European commission to continue its work on the European blockchain partnership.

This can be considered as a great step towards the development of blockchain technology on the Old Continent. Its innovative approach regarding the issues of the contemporary economic system and its practical solutions draw the attention of numerous governments. DLT guarantees a greater level of protection and limits the chances of human interference and manipulation.

Source: Cryptodnes
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