Norway reincarnates SOPANorway is about to tackle websites violating copyrights like ThePirateBay by amendments with the Copyright Act.
The amendments will grant the authorities right to block the access to websites at Internet Service Provider (ISP) level and will make easier to locate the website owners and the end-users of unauthorized material online.
The new legislation will allow rights-holders to claim against the website owners, involved in sharing illegal information and order the ISP to block or impede the access to websites facilitating access to information and content, violating copyrights. If the website owner is unknown or can’t be located, the court has the right to decide in favor of the copyrights-holder without being given opportunity for comment or claim. Thus, websites with unknown owners can be blocked easier.
After the amendments, the court will have the right to require from the ISP’s to disclose information that will identify subscribers that violate copyrights. The court will have this right despite the Electronic Communications Act. According to the experts, the amendments will pass and the law will be adopted after the second parliament hearing.
We'll see what will be the final decision.
Tags: Piracy