EU crypto assets regulation (MiCA) - what to expect?1Legal.Net presented the eBook ‘EU crypto assets regulation (MiCA) - what to expect?’ by Jenny Gancheva
‘Get Ready for the Future Now’
This December 1Legal.Net in partnership with Trakia Tech held in Plovdiv the ultimate hybrid event on the latest blockchain & crypto matters.

#CRYPTOPLOVDIV21 got together professionals who shared their experience when dealing with crypto & blockchain projects.

The event featured three thematic panels:

1. The upcoming EU Regulation MiCA (Markets in crypto assets) – what to expect?
2. Tokenomics in DeFi and practical insights when launching a DeFi platform in real-life economy
3. NFTs in art, gaming & real estate

The first-panel highlight was on the future crypto legalization in the EU.
Jenny Gancheva, crypto lawyer and the founder of 1Legal.Net, presented an overview of the main issues and challenges surrounding the future legal and regulatory EU framework for crypto-related service providers.
The overview and more details you can read in the eBook ‘EU crypto assets regulation (MiCA) - what to expect?’ which premiered at #CRYPTOPLOVDIV21 Event.
For more information on MiCA Regulation and how to get your crypto business ready for the future, download your copy of the eBook ‘EU crypto assets regulation (MiCA) - what to expect?’ by Jenny Gancheva for free here.

Other key takeaways from #CRYPTOPLOVDIV21 are:
sharing knowledge and experience helps you stay connected to like-minded people; it’s all about building a tight and trusted community, and partnering with established advisors is part of the success story of your next crypto project.

Stay tuned for more updates from #CRYPTOPLOVDIV21. Coming soon!

1Legal.Net Team

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