Domain suffix .amazon – rejected. For now.At a meeting in Durban, South Africa last week, ICANN consider proposals for adoption of new generic top-level domains (gTLD). The Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN recommended the domain suffix .amazon, proposed by the Internet retailer, to be rejected. The formal reason for the negative recommendation is a letter, sent by a group of countries from South America (Brazil, Chili, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay) In which they insist that Amazon is a geographic name – a river, running through the territory of each of the countries and closely related with their culture and identity.
The decision of the Committee can be reviewed by the ICANN Board, but it is not very likely. Amazon will consider the advice and want to continue work with the Committee and the stakeholders in finding a solution.
More interesting is why the US Government, represented in the Committee by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, did not revolt against the decision. In a letter, sent before the Durban meeting, it became clear that the Administration supports the request for the domain suffix .amazon, but shall stay aside if other governments make objections.
According to analysts, the neutral US position is due to the PRISM scandal. The leak of information is the reason for the weakening of the ability of the Government to fight for the national economic interests.
As another possible reason for the search for consensus is Washington's intention to extend support to ICANN, whose influence and control over the Internet long irritates Russia and China.
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