4th Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2013Themed
“The Changing Global Innovation Landscape: Whither IP?”
the fourth Global Forum on Intellectual Property (GFIP) is the anchor event of IP Week @ SG 2013.

The 2-day event, organized by the IP Academy, will comprise plenary sessions featuring keynote presentations by prominent IP and industry leaders in the mornings followed by breakout sessions in the afternoon. This year, the breakout sessions will focus on IP not only in terms of the Legal arena, but also as a strategic instrument for the Business & Technology industries in this global knowledge economy.

The innovation landscape is changing rapidly. The explosion of new technology, bigger investments in R&D, the development of digital and new media, the rise in the number of headline-grabbing mega transactions, litigation and contrary views that the system is broken have led to a dramatic increase in interest in IP. IP has become one of the primary energizers of today’s progress and innovation in the arts, sciences and technology.

Highlights in the program:

The IP Market Place: IP for Sale! Where and Who are the Buyers?
Copyright in the 21st Century: The End of Copyright as We Know It?
IP Valuation, Financing and Taxation: Getting more Bang for Your Buck
The New Frontiers of Trade Mark Protection in the Global Economy
Winning IP Strategies using Open Innovation

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