Domain's protection. Again and again...Practical Steps for Protecting Domain Names

Domains are increasingly subject to theft and misuse. Fact, point. A fact, which automatically turn them into the object protected by law.

Domain names are stealing In Bulgaria too. More often. Fact, point. I'll tell you a story with many characters, some good, some evil, in a separate posting. The working title of this story repeats the title of the film/book “A Series of Unfortunate Events."

Let’s see the most popular steps for domain protection, recommended by ICANN:

- Be aware that social engineering attacks may occur.
- Educate those who are responsible for maintaining domain name registrations and your web presence on the potential for attacks.
- Establish procedures for registering and maintaining domain names (and ensure that those procedures are followed).
- Use two-factor authentication.
- Ask your registrar about registrar locks, and use registry locks if offered by your registry operator.

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