IPR – Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseWhy the interest towards Intellectual Property today is extremely loud?

From the Leonardo's till now, the interest in innovation, gadgets, tech toys has not been so huge.
Paper is not in vogue.
To be a nerd today is the lesser evil than being a techno hater.

Why? Why now?
The questions are simple, without any difficulties.
It's quite enough just to ask.
Why indeed?
Some of the obvious answers can be found in

Global Innovation Index /2013 Edition

“The GII recognizes the key role of innovation as a driver of economic growth and prosperity and acknowledges the need for a broad horizontal vision of innovation that is applicable to both developed and emerging economies, with the inclusion of indicators that go beyond the traditional measures of innovation (such as the level of research and development in a given country).
The GII 2013 looked at 142 economies around the world, using 84 indicators including the quality of top universities, availability of micro finance, venture capital deals - gauging both innovation capabilities and measurable results.”

Changing Geography of Innovation

Switzerland and Sweden topped the GII's rankings for the second consecutive year, demonstrating high levels of performance across all indicators, followed by the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States.

1. Switzerland (Number 1 in 2012)
2. Sweden (2)
3. United Kingdom (5)
4. Netherlands (6)
5. United States of America (10)
6. Finland (4)
7. Hong Kong (China) (8)
8. Singapore (3)
9. Denmark (7)
10. Ireland (9)

More, here

Bulgaria's place?

Bulgaria occupies a worthy place in GII - we are not in the top ten or top twenty of countries, but we are in the upper middle in the table, ahead of Poland, Argentina, Greece, Kuwait, South Africa. Bulgaria's index is 41.33 and 41st place in the ranking of 142 countries. Last places are for Sudan and Yemen.

Innovation and the Global Sharing Economy

Amid fragile symptoms for overcoming of the global economic crisis, the findings in the analysis of GII, strongly suggests that
Innovations are Alive and Well.

Many today are asking -
What is the future of innovation in the sharing economy ?

Skeptics reminds for the dramatic judicial saga between the former business partners and today's irreconcilable rivals - Apple and Samsung.
Optimists give for example Kickstarter and the ever-increasing opportunities for collecting enthusiasts and investors on the same, shared location.

What began as a phenomenon of global shared culture through the internet and social networks , logically transforms into an economic model of sharing economy.
Mobile technologies and unprecedented freedom for sharing and access to new markets in virtually every corner of the world, extended the range of spreading ideas and possibilities for monetization.

IP Role in the Shared Economy

The openness of the modern economy, innovation and market is the engine of progress today. Open innovations are available to much more people by means of technologies that bring super fast communications, modern appliances, eco cars, etc.

On the other hand, the openness creates new challenges for the Intellectual Property.

- How to protect the substantive rights of the people and organizations invested time, efforts and millions in the creation of socially significant discoveries?
- How to adjust the imbalance in the new geography of the world, divided into "rich-of-innovation" to "poor-of-innovation" countries and regions?
- How to protect the IPR of local communities over their traditional knowledge and how to promote its uses, control and benefits from its commercial exploitation?


In the digital millennium, the traditional IP assets gradually and irreversibly were transferred into the new digital ecosystem. The ideas, driving force of IP have passed unthinkable for the previous century boundaries of their usability.
It's in this vastness for market prospects to capitalize on ideas, perhaps, lies the real reason for the extremely loud interest towards intellectual property.
The world experiences its Renaissance again.
This time, in this century - the excitement is global.

Evgeniya Gancheva

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