Growth In the Registration of .EU DomainsThe registration of .eu domains has increased with nearly 5% in the third quarter of 2014. compared to the same period last year. With 3.88 million registrations, .eu domain occupies 11 position among the largest top-level domains (TLD) in the world.

The largest is .com with 114.576 million registrations followed, followed by .tk (Tokelau) with 26.785m, .de (Germany – 15.794m), .net (15.083m), .cn (China - 1–.907m), .uk (United Kingdom) – 10.514), .org (10.399), .info (5.591m), .nl (Netherlands - 5.506m), .ru (Russian Federation – 4.895m) while .br (Brazil – 3.493m) followed.

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