New Requirements For Flight Booking SystemsUpon the Judgement of the Court of Justice of EU (CJEU) of 15 January 2015 with reference for a request for a preliminary ruling regarding the case Air Berlin plc & Co. Luftverkehrs KG v. Bundesverband der Verbraucherzentralen, operators of Flight Booking Systems must provide consumers with details of the total cost of flights and other air services from the first time the prices of those services are displayed.
The CJEU ruling concerns the interpretation of the second sentence of Article 23(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008 with regard to price transparency in Computerized booking system.

According to the interpretation of CJEU, the final price to be paid must be indicated whenever the prices of air services are shown, including when they are shown for the first time. Besides, within the frame of Flight Booking Systems, the final price to be paid must be indicated not only for the air service specifically selected by the customer, but also for each air service in respect of which the fare is shown.

The Court's ruling will have implications not only in the air travel industry, but will affect all operators of electronic booking systems with compound pricing.

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