Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?On April 21, 2015 was introduced the so expected and promoted new update of the search engine Google, well known as "Mobilegeddon".

What exactly changed?
It's about a change in the algorithm that determines the search results when made via mobile devices. The change covers all the languages worldwide and affects individual pages, not the entire sites. Briefly: sites that offer a mobile application become more visible in the list results and stay ahead of those who do not have one. This algorithm will certainly affect even the search results from PCs in a long term.
The update is a natural response to the ever-expanding use of the mobile devices when using the Internet. Statistics show that for the last year 65% of consumers have searched products from their smartphones or tablets, which significantly exceeds the results of the previous year, amounting to about 30%.
It is expected that the new algorithm will help to restore the result transparency and will reduce the manipulation of the results which till now was based on the number of "clicks" or the importance and the creation date of the domain. This will give a chance for the new sites to compete for the leading place in the rang lists.
Although it has passed a little more than a month since the introduced update the implementation process takes time and is not yet clear how significant are the search changes globally.

What requirements must be fulfilled in order to make your site "mobile friendly"?
In order to obtain visibility for mobile search your site must offer a mobile version that uses text sizes that are easily readable and do not require zooming or screen rotation horizontally and whose content is well located for easier orientation of the user. Another big advantage of mobile versions is a solution for problem called "Flash" which often creates difficulties for content displaying on mobile devices.
To make sure that your site is adapted for mobile devices you can make a verification through the tests offered by Google: Mobile-Friendly Test and Google Webmaster Tools which provide a report for the mobile use of the site and whether and how Google sees your mobile version.
No matter whether your site has an automatically generated mobile design or separately hosted mobile version, it is important to cover the above-mentioned requirements and to facilitate the consumers access.
If your site is “mobile friendly” the Google search result from smartphones or tablets shows this quality with the writing “Mobile - Friendly” in front of the website’s name.

The Google’s "Mobile Armageddon" which affects the search results in the rang lists is just another proof for the expanding need of digital devices in everyday life and the displacement of PCs from smartphones and tablets for Internet access thanks to the easy use wherever we are.
One thing is clear- to be a successful one business today, it must be "mobile friendly."
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