Facebook expands the opportunities for the business The Facebook's ambition to comprehend also the business dates back to 2011 and as a result, there is already Facebook for business

Currently, almost all medium and small enterprises take advantage of the creation of customized pages of the own business. This is due to the simple way to manage the Pages and relatively low costs for reaching the customers and promoting the activities.
By "targeting" Facebook allows business to reach a certain type of people with specific preferences, what's more - between the trader and the consumer there is a 24/7 direct online connection. The promotion of the own brand may be done by putting in evidence of certain publications, by forwarding to the official website of the trader and by reaching a wider range of customers due to the index "similar users". To help entrepreneurs there are free statistics through which the site's administrator can monitor the consumer's interest and the effect of the chosen business strategy on Facebook.
Facebook intends to go even further. It is planned the addition of a "Buy" button and a "shop section" which will attract more the business online and which will make the social network more useful and serious competitor to Amazon, Google, Pinterest and Tweeter which already have similar options.
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