Upcoming reforms in the registration of Community trade marksOn 27 March the European Commission presented a package of initiatives, designed to reduce the costs for registration of trade marks in EU and to make the whole process reliable and predictable. Due to the enhanced protection of CTM from forgery and the improvement of the combating methods against the transit transportation of counterfeit goods across the EU, the proposed reform will reflect favorably on business.
The initiative provides: Community trade mark system to be the basis on which the regional procedures have to be channeled and coordinated as well as the national system; modernization of the current legislation, including the case of the EU, increasing legal certainty and eliminating ambiguities; improving the combating methods against the transit transportation of the counterfeit goods across the EU; facilitating the cooperation between the Patent Offices of the Member countries and The European Office for harmonization in the internal market .
The proposed packed contains initiatives as follows:
- Revision of Directive 1989 (currently numbered 2008/95/EC) in order to approximate the legislation of the Member Countries in the trademarks area
- Review of Regulation 1994 – regarding the CTM (currently numbered 207/2009/EC)
- Review of Regulation 1995 of The European Commission regarding the fees charged by the Offices for harmonization of the internal market.

Source: BPO
Tags: Trademarks