Hundreds of blockchain professionals and enthusiasts gathered for the ultimate hybrid experience both in Plovdiv, and online

December 3rd marked the closing chapter of the crypto events in Bulgaria with the largest hybrid format gathering - CRYPTOPLOVDIV21. The conference focused on the latest business and legal matters in crypto, giving a few hundred participants a broad overview and hands-on expert advice.

#CRYPTOPLOVDIV21 featured three themed panels:

1. The upcoming EU Regulation MiCa (Markets in Crypto Assets): What to expect?
Jenny Gancheva, crypto lawyer and the founder of 1Legal.Net, presented an overview of the main issues and challenges surrounding the future legal and regulatory EU framework for crypto-related service providers.
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2. Tokenomics in DeFi and practical insights when launching a DeFi platform in real-life economy
Three finance professionals with solid expertise – Hristo Piyankov, chief crypto economist at FinDas, and Ivo Grigorov and Valentin Dimitrov, founders of Credefi Platform, talked about the essentials of building a successful blockchain-based project starting from the value of the token to forming a trusted team.

3. NFTs in art, gaming & real estate
The topic of NFTs sparked a discussion between the three panelists in the event’s last panel. Pavla Tsvetkova, crypto legal consultant at 1Legal.Net, summarised some of the hottest NFT trends happening right now and touched on the main legal concerns about NFT-related activities. Alexander Tomov, CEO of Survival Studios, delved into the history of NFTs, the Metaverse and adaptation of NFTs in gaming. Diana Ilieva, crypto adviser at FinDas, engaged the audience with weighing the pros and cons of establishing DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations) for NFT projects.

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